Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Texas Supreme Court Hear School Finance Arguments Today

Today the Texas Supreme Court will hear arguments on last years financing plan. Why is that important? The court will compare the current legislative plans and compare them to last years short comings to see if HB2 and HB3 will make a difference.

The arguments are contingent on two standards: equity and adequacy. The lower court said that equity was not fulfilled because of the use of property taxes. This may be resolved because the current plan lowers property taxes for all Texans.

The real concern is adequacy. Currently the conglomeration of school boards are arguing that the current level of funding is nowhere near enough to adequately educate our students for TAKS Test, SAT's, or ACT's. This does not take into account those students that take AP exams or attempt vocational exams of any kind.

Already local school boards have all but eliminated arts, language, vocational training, and any other "extra" that does not bring in revenue or is not tested on. This due in large part to unfunded national mandates.

today's ruling will either be a signal to the legislature to proceed with their education plans or tell them what to fix. What happens if the Texas Legislature does not adhere to the Supreme Court ruling? The same thing that has happened the past 4 sessions... nothing.


At 8:44 PM, Blogger Cabot said...

When is someone going to have the balls to hold the Texas Lottery Commision responsible for what they are doing with the money that was "supposedly" going to be used for public education? I am so sick and tired of seeing people who know how to shoot a basketball or kick a football, making more money than the people who guided them thru their education. Oy Vey!


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