Monday, July 11, 2005

UPDATE: Total Lack of Focus

From Quorum Report:
Gov. Rick Perry today opened the special legislative session to include legislation that funds tuition revenue bonds and judicial pay raises.

"Today I am asking legislators to fund tuition revenue bonds during this special session in order to improve educational opportunities at colleges and universities across Texas," Perry said. "This is vital unfinished business from the last session, and we need to finish our work on behalf of more than one million college students in Texas."

Perry’s specific message allows legislators to consider legislation relating to the authorization, issuance and funding of tuition revenue bonds, and legislation relating to an increase in the compensation of judges, including salary and retirement benefits.

"Last night the Texas Senate showed real leadership in passing a property tax reduction that brings us closer to a school finance agreement," Perry said. "The Senate and House versions of the bills are very close, and now more than ever I encourage Texans to weigh in and let their legislators know Texans expect them to get the job done."

Apparently ensure that the education plan actually goes through and takes the Supreme Court's mandates wasn't enough; nor was adding the a constitutional fight on eminent domain. Now Perry wants to explore higher education tax incentives and higher pay for judges. In doing this Perry will be spending millions more by extending the session.

Here is a tip for Governor Perry, get out of the media. Show leadership during the actual session, and most importantly focus on issues that matter like CHIPS, public education, border safety, etc.


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