Thursday, July 07, 2005

Heroes of London

With all the somber news about London I wanted to take a moment to talk about the doctors who flooded the streets and saved countless lives.

There are reports coming in about the explosions at King's Crossing and Russell Square and the amazing organization of the medical community. By noon every London hospital was reporting that it was already filled to capacity, and the walking wounded were already leaving hospitals.

Doctor's from out of town began to fill university hospitals and major London area hospitals to assist in treating the still unknown injured. One doctor interviewed on NPR today litterally grabbed an impromptu medical team and went out to Russell Square (luckly located by BMA) and began to save lives around the double decker bus.

We talk about the firemen and policemen on 9/11, and today on July 7th we had the same heroes of public service come out and save lives. Today was a tragedy for sure, but let us also breath optimism and hope into this event by honoring those that work so tirelessly for others.


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