Saturday, June 25, 2005

Shooting at Taco Land

Taco Land, a small bar in central San Antonio, had a shoot out Thursday night. Usually this is the kind of story that I read, make some sad or disapproving grunt, and keep reading the paper.

Last night was different. This was far from just a story to me. When I was attending Trinity University this was a bar we went to with moderate regularity, and Ramiro was a man that I would talk to everytime we went.

I remember walking in Taco Land to hear my best friend play in his new band of the week, walking up to the bar, buy a dollar something lonestar light tallboy, and listen to Andy's new sub-par band. This was as a big part of my college experience, and a couple hot temptered assholes have bastardized it.

The story itself is a sad one. It's sad because it happend, but also because unless you knew the bar or the man you wouldn't care. When Ramiro was shot a little piece of history went with him, and a fixture of San Antonio will has been lost. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and those of tragedies like this everywhere.


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