Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weekend Update

Here is a quick rundown of news you can use while I have been at Dem Fest:

Strayhorn is running for Governor and is not shy about slamming Perry. This is from the Quorum Report:

Announcing her bid for governor, Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn this afternoon ripped Gov. Rick Perry's decision to veto $35 billion of public education spending.

"A leader does not hold our children's education hostage and certainly would never even allow a discussion about school not opening on time because he cannot fix what is broken," Strayhorn told around 500 supporters at an election rally on North Congress Avenue.

Earlier, Perry had announced he was vetoing $35.3 billion in the Texas Education Agency budget for 2006-07 and calling lawmakers back for a 30-day special session to "get education funding right." The special session starts Tuesday at noon.

"For all the successes of this past session, job number one was left undone when the session ended without the passage of school finance reform," Perry said. "I'm not going to approve an education budget that shortchanges teacher salary increases, textbooks, education technology, and education reforms. And I cannot let $2 billion sit in some bank account when it can go directly to the classroom."

Kay Bailey is running for Senate again, and is being trumpetted as a great Republican by Perry.

The most important thing though is that tonight is game 5 of the finals and the Spurs need to win this so we can start celebrating here in the city soon.


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