Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hang Together or Hang Separately

I have officially been traveling for two weeks now. Two weeks and I have been all over Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and everywhere in between.

I am a man that naturally loves to travel. I hate work that confines you to three faux walls and has a time table-- not to say it's not worthy work, just not my preference. That's the thing though. We are all so overcome by our preference being the only possible choice. We have terms inside the party like DINO (Democrat in Name Only), changeling, lose cannon, and worst of all moderate.

Why do we separate ourselves so often? If we continue to be a party divided into cliques, then we will simply continue to be the minority party in city government, state houses, governorships, and national politics. I am a firm believe in the rights of all, and until the supreme court disagrees, that includes the second amendment; Democrats in Georgia and Kentucky agree with me. If I were to take that argument to California or Washington I would be called a naive or moderate Democrat. I would still be a D though.

We are so ticked off by some elected Democrats in Texas that we talk about challenging them in the primary. We talk about getting them out of office, but we let people like Frank Corte stay in office and legislate a one dimensional morality for the entire state. Let's challenge the Republican's out there before we start worrying about what name we want to call our fellow Democrats.

Two things have become clear to me in my traveling. One, I miss Texas every time I leave. Two, the reason we are weak across the state can be directly tied to out antagonism inside the party.

Republicans don't need to attack Democrats... we do it for them. Maybe, just maybe, if we could close the gap in the legislature we would be able create an atmosphere were our elected Democrats can vote the way they want and not play politics. Maybe we could have leaders that push the local party to the next great level. Or maybe, we could win a little more.

Instead of all this internal name calling, let us all stand together and find, campaign, and elect Democrats throughout Texas. If this isn't enough, no big deal. Meet with your currently elected official and make more change that way, but enough with talk, now is the time for action.


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