Thursday, June 09, 2005

Howard Dean is Right

Howard Dean is at it again. Dean speaks the truth and the establishment runs away from him. Dean speaks up and makes a point and everyone says he is unrefined.
Dean's has come under fire for recent comments, including his observation that Republicans are "pretty much a white, Christian party." While some Democrats have joined the criticism of Dean, Reid refused to join in
While this is not the best way to describe the Republican party, it is primarily true. The Republican party is made up of a primarily white, moderate to high income, religious, southern, and men. It is the party commonly referred to ask as neo-conservative or religious right.

So why then is Chairman Dean getting so much flack? Because it is easy. During the primaries Dean was tagged as angry, a political novice, and a man who speaks without thinking about the outcomes. I challenge Democrats not to follow into this trap.

If you look at Howard Dean's record of public statements he has been right and he has made the controversial statements before they were popular. You want examples?

Dean came out publicly against the war before any Democrats did. He was the first to say that Saddam Hussein needed to be tried in Iraq and that we are not safer just because he was caught. Dean was the first to say we must have a Democrat run in every election, and that we must fight to win back the south.

We all say that this is right now. Nobody fights any of this, but at the time these were all ideas that people ran from. In Dean's first three months as DNC chairman he has raised more money than Terry McAullife did in the same time. Dean has weakened DeLay and Republican's in Texas by keeping Democrats involved. Dean has been a good chairman so far and we must all realize that when you are the minority, you must speak louder and fight harder. Life is harder on the ropes and Dean is getting us ready for the fight in 2006.


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