Sunday, June 05, 2005

On The Road Again

I am in the Valley starting tonight. What an amazing experience. For the first time in my life I am experiencing the rural part of the state and running into nothing but Democrats.

How do I know they are Democrats? Well, I am paying for most of this trip on my Democratic Party credit card, and all of them smile at me and ask how they can get one. They all are talking about how horrid Bush is, and the best part of all, they are all talking about how they are going to start really working to enlighten us "city folk" to start voting to better their lives. This trip is shaping up to be the exodus of hope.

On a completely unrelated note there is a down side to travelling. I hate the fact that I am not going to be in San Antonio until the day after the election. I will try to keep up with everything that I can, but Cincinnatus has been doing a great job on following this election and I encourage you to read over there. Let me qualify that, I encourage you to read everything except for the pro-Hardberger posts.


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