Friday, June 24, 2005

Terry Keel Announces his plans

Quorum Report announces that Terry Keel will Challenge Charles Holcomb. This is going to be wide open seat for a Dem to win, and I am loving the fact that we can all watch this flesh out so publicly.

Here is the press release:

On today’s date I have filed with the Ethics Commission a Designation of Treasurer specifying that I will be a candidate for the republican nomination for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8. That position, currently held by Charles Holcomb, is a statewide office. The Court of Criminal Appeals is the highest court in Texas on criminal matters as the Texas Supreme Court has jurisdiction in civil matters only. The individual elected to this seat will take office in January 2007 for a six-year term. I will serve the remainder of my current legislative term, which likewise ends in January 2007. I am enthusiastic about serving on the Court of Criminal Appeals because I believe I can bring to the position a unique background in criminal law, including prior experience as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, experience as a former sheriff, and experience as a legislator, including two sessions as chair of the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee. To my knowledge, there has not previously been a candidate for this bench with the same breadth of experience on both sides of counsel table, as well as in both the enforcement and the enactment of criminal law, that I would bring to the court.


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Xavier Guisinger said...

There are different opinions on this subject.

At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the recent Charles Holcomb(R) and Terry Keel (R) run of for Place 8 TX Court of Crim. Appeals....
Charles Holcomb is an unknow justice from the backwoods of East Texas. He does not disclose his contributions or his personal wealth, part of which from insurance money he was given from the widow of murder victim in his home town of Alto,TX.
When Charles Holcomb served as Cherokee County district attorney in Rusk, TX, he received unknown thousands of dollars worth of insurance monies from a double indemnity policy given to him by a local named Rita Hicks. Rita Hicks was having multiple affairs with local "church going" married men, while at the same time taking out insurance policies out on her husband. In 1992, Rita Hicks' husband Jackie was found at his home murdered by multiple gun shots from a .22. Mrs. Hicks and local Cherokee Couny constable Chris Parsons were married within hours, at Charles Holcomb's request, to avoid testifying against each other.
60 year old Terry Watkins of Nacogdoches (the family CPA) was tried by Holcomb and given a life sentence. There was no evidence linking Terry Watkins to the murder and Rita Hicks was never questioned about the million dollar insurance policies she and Cherokee County Constable Chris Parsons had been taking out on her estranged husband. Constable Chris Parsons and Rita Hicks recently moved to Wimberly, TX, where Charles Holcomb now resides. According to Terry Watkins' trial transcripts, Charles Holcomb accepted money from the couple as he acted as district attorney. He told the court the money was needed to hire an "investigator." The investigator he hired later testified on Terry Wakins behalf, and helped be released from prison in 1997. That year Holcomb was a sitting Justice in the Tyler Appellate courts, that overturned Watkins' sentenced.

No one ever "investigated" the murder of Jackie Hicks of Alto. Terry Watkins was released 5 years into his life sentence when this information was made public.
Charles Holcomb lied to the state bar in his profile, and of course did not mention Terry Watkins early release. Or the fact he convicted an innocent man and accepted money from the victim's wife and lover. Holcomb states in his personal profile on the State Bar website about the case that there was a "botched staged robbery" which was never mentioned at trial. He used the Cherokee County legal system to have money given to him via Rita Hicks Parsons and convict Terry Watkins.
View Charles Holcomb's glowin State Bar profile at:

Holcomb was elected district attorney of Cherokee County and served from 1981 to 1992.
Holcomb prosecuted one of the most colorful and scandalous cases that the small town of Alto, where he lived, had ever seen.

"The owner of the feed store was found murdered in his house," Judge Holcomb recalled. "It was a staged robbery and he was found shot. He had an $800,000 life insurance policy and a very attractive wife who, it was rumored, had been intimate with lots of guys in town. We eventually charged her then-lover (the CPA of her deceased husband) with the murder, and after a highly publicized trial, got a conviction. As a footnote, the wife later married the deputy sheriff who was the first on the scene and had found the body.
This guy needs to be look at and this case made to the voting populace.


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