Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Who is Running this Country Anyway?

Should I say it? I mean, it is only 6 months into the second term, and yet it seems to be so real already. Is George W. Bush a lame duck?

I don't think he is, but I think he is getting very close. While there are no declared candidates for the 08 run for the White House, it is very clear that Congress is running the show right now. Just yesterday the House went against the wishes of President Bush and voted to lift certain restrictions on stem cell research. McCain, went against White House objections, introduced a steroid-testing bill. This on top of the filibuster compromise Bush did not want.

Now I know what some are thinking right now. Bush will flex his presidential muscles when the session ends. Wait... What's that you say? The DNC chair Howard Dean is getting in the fight too? Dean is setting the party up to pick up were Harry Reid will leave off at the end of the session.

Howard Dean is going around chipping away at Bush, Delay, and the Republican machine. Chairman Dean is finally admitting that outreach to African American's has been half hearted at best and is sticking by his words and saying that DeLay should go to jail if he violated a crime. He is systematically chipping away at the South and Texas while working hard to sure up the minority base that elected Bill Clinton.

This has got to sound warning bells for the RNCC and RNC.

The question still remains, is George W. Bush a lame duck? No, but he is going to become one very quickly. If he cannot control the House and Senate and their Republican majority the Democrats will force him to work on nothing but foreign policy.

I say this only because the Democrats are on the attack right now. Dean is moving in troops in Nevada, Mississippi, Wyoming, Nebraska, North Dakota, West Virginia, North Carolina and Missouri. And while this sounds like his infamous "I have a scream speech" in Iowa, it has to concern Republican's who don't think Bush has any coat tails anymore.

If Bush doesn't see a bounce in the polls anytime soon, he will be the earliest lame duck I have ever seen.


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