Tuesday, May 24, 2005

HB 2833 will cost San Antonio Jobs

HB 2833 is up today after being delayed yesterday because of the long fight yesterday on a pilot program on school vouchers. If we are lucky they will be not have time to vote again today, but I doubt that will happen.

The arguments against HB 2833 keep mounting as Ed Garza has released a statement stating outlining the negative affects that passing this legislation will have. He brings up how the impervious cover regulations will negatively effect "Texas treasures such as the Riverwalk and the historic downtown area of San Antonio" and how the retroactive applications will harm growth and taxpayers the moment it passes.

Mayor Garza's most scathing attack comes when he points directly to the Toyota plant being built in the south side.
In negotiations leading to Toyota's decision to build a new automobile manufacturing plant on the south side of San Antonio, Toyota expressed great concern that future development near the plant should be compatible with their factory. Toyota has committed to being a good neighbor, and the city has adopted reasonable land use regulations to ensure development near the Toyota plant results in good neighbors for Toyota. Under HB 2833, a landowner who alleges that San Antonio acts to establish or enforce compatible development on land near the plant, and that the action has reduced their land's market value of 25% or more, may invoke the provisions of HB 2833. If a court agrees, HB 2833 may operate to effectively prevent San Antonio from honoring its agreement to protect Toyota's investment.
There you go. For everyone out there who thinks this is only about the aquifer and the environment you can see the economic impacts of this bill. If HB 2833 passes it will cause a lawsuit by the city and Toyota. If it stands up in court, then it will cost San Antonio the ability to reasonably bargain with corporations. This will harm the cities ability to lure new jobs, high wage jobs, and stronger infrastructure for the city.

I have said it once and I will say it again, call your Senator and tell them to vote NO on HB 2833.

To find out who your Senator and Representative are, use this free web link:


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