Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Save SB3

BY 5 PM WEDNESDAY phone, fax or e-mail the members of the House Natural Resources Committee as well as your local state representative and ask them to make sure that Sections 2.01, 2.02 and 2.04 AS AMENDED remain in SB 3 as the bill moves forward.

During the initial hearing, Representatives raised valid concerns about the voluntary nature of the land stewardship component. These concerns are addressed in an amendment that will be introduced by members of the House Natural Resources Committee in a hearing that can take place at any time! By supporting this amendment, the Representatives will help ensure that voluntary land stewardship remains a key component in the omnibus water bill.

SB 3 is the omnibus water legislation, which for the first time codifies and encourages land stewardship as a water management tool. The inclusion of voluntary land stewardship in this bill provides the foundation for future incentive programs and other conservation initiatives that could reward responsible, voluntary land stewardship.

This bill also addresses environmental flows and water conservation. It is important that this language remain in any future versions of the bill as well.

To find out who your Senator and Representative are, use this free web link:


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