Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday Morning News

  • According to Vince at Capitol Annex, caucus leader Jim Dunnam and Rep Lon Burnam "tell it like it is".
  • Charlie mentions it first, but today is World Refuge Day.
  • Dos Centavos says former Senator Edwards won the first Iowa straw poll, and Kos adds that right now the Democratic field is larger than the pundits think.
  • Mark Warner's MapChangers list came out and Texas did very well (Go VOTE!).
  • Apparently there are two Courage campaigns now, but only one matters to me.
  • Roger Williams' office should let us know tomorrow whether Kinky and/or Strayhorn are on the ballot.
  • SCOTUSBlog has two pieces to read. It seems the pundits (and bloggers) were right. Justice Kennedy has moved to the center and saved the clean water act from being completely gutted.
  • The rumor mill says we might have a ruling on redistricting Thursday, but I will believe it when I read it.
  • The Mavs are in dire straights and the US World Cup team has a shot.
  • Two sites for you to check out. Drive Democracy has re-launched a new sexy site and law students are getting organized to help the party.

What did I miss?


At 8:34 AM, Blogger c4n3p said...

Thanks for the update on the petition drives of "independent" candidates Carole and Kinky.

When both have run for office as Republcans, both have voted for Bush/Cheney, both have supported the war in Iraq, both would dismantle the wall between church and state, and both have flip-flopped on women's reproductive rights, why are we calling Carole and Kinky "independents"?

At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Will said...

Where is the wall between church and state? The first amendment prohibits a government established church. In fact, the phrase "separation of church and state" can't be found anywhere in the Consitution, including the Bill of Rights. Liberals have simply used judicial activism to extend and distort the true intent of the establishment clause to further their own secular agenda.


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