Tuesday, June 27, 2006

OfficeMax Must Stop Destroying Our Endangered Forests

A good friend of mine from Dogwood Alliance talked to me about this a while back, and now they have began working in Texas to protect our southern forests.

According to Dogwood Alliance, OfficeMax, the third largest retail office supply store in the US, threatens forests of the South by doing business with the most irresponsible logging company in the region.

OfficeMax board member and Texas A&M professor Dr. David Syzmanski must make a commitment to the environment and Southern Forests. Texans must demand that OfficeMax stop sourcing paper from endangered forests. Our Southern forests are being rapidly wiped out to meet surging demands for office copy paper and paper packaging. Unless consumers insist that such throwaway products be produced from recycled fibers instead of trees, beautiful forests throughout the Southeastern U.S. will continue to be needlessly destroyed.

Tell OfficeMax to stop sourcing paper from endangered forests.

The Southern forest region of the U.S. contains some of the most biologically rich ecosystems in North America. It is home to hundreds of forest and aquatic species -- especially amphibians, reptiles, snails and trees -- that are found nowhere else on earth.

Dogwood Alliance has already worked with OfficeMax’s two largest competitors, Staples and Office Depot. Both have already committed publicly to increase recycled content in the paper they sell and avoid sourcing paper from endangered forests.

It is time to urge Office Max to follow suit and do the responsible thing.


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