Monday, June 26, 2006

Democrats Go to Court to Protect Voters Rights

There was no word from the Supreme Court today on redistricting, but there were some interesting developments in a Texas Courtroom.

The question today was whether the Democrats would have standing in court in order to maintain a temporary restraining order in the Republican appointment in the 22nd Congressional District.

Judge Sparks not only said their was standing, he also heard the witnesses and has left the door open for a ruling as early as Friday.

According to the Texas Democratic Party and Chairman Boyd Richie, the message is clear
“Obviously, this makes clear that the Republican Party cannot conclusively establish from any record, either today, tomorrow, or in October, that Tom DeLay will not be an inhabitant of Texas on Election Day,” Richie added.

“Tom DeLay’s actions this weekend confirm that his cut and run scheme is just a charade. If the DeLay-Republican charade is allowed to stand, DeLay could conceivably return to Texas after he is “replaced” on the ballot, re-register, and actually vote in the election he hopes to abandon,” observed Richie.
The most striking proof for a defacto withdrawal was the fact that when DeLay was served a subpoena it was it has house in Sugarland and the former majority leader was there.
“The fact that Tom DeLay was served at his home in Fort Bend County supports what the Texas Democratic Party has known all along, that Tom DeLay has been and continues to be an inhabitant of the State of Texas,” said Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie.
The most damaging testimony came from DeLay himself as he stated he may be present in Fort Bend on Election Day.
“Tom DeLay and the Republican Party of Texas have failed to provide any proof that DeLay is not and will not be an inhabitant of Texas on Election Day. DeLay himself testified under oath that he did not know where he will be on Election Day.
No matter what the outcome, Democrats remain optimistic in the TX-22 and are confident in Lampson’s chance to pick up one of the 15 seats needed to take back the house.

The most important fact is that the Democrats are working hard to ensure that the people have a chance to pick their candidate and that a primary election means more than anointing the incumbent every year.


At 10:04 PM, Blogger muse said...

Yes, we certainly do remain confident in TX-22!! We are blockwalking, phonebanking, doing data entry. You would think it was much closer to the election and that we had an actual opponent on the ballot. We are all about organizing and strategizing!


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