Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Stage is Set

I have been looking at the filings all day for the state of Texas, and I am surprised by some filings and upset by others. The Democrats are not filed in every seat statewide, but there are D’s in more seats than I expected. There is a D in every Congressional seat, Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General, and every Commissioners position.

We have failed however to put up a single Supreme Court Position (including Chief Justice). And we only put up challengers in a third of the State Board of Education positions.

That’s just sad. These two positions interpret the constitutionality of our state laws and in a sense are the gateway to the Federal Supreme Court and the other simply mandates the regulations on our children’s schools. No big deal I guess.

Your Democratic Candidates are:
HD 116- Trey Martinez Fischer
HD 117- David Leibowitz
HD 118- Joe Farias
Pedro Molina Jr
Tony Mandujano
Larry Ricketts
HD 119- Robert Puente
HD 120- Ruth Jones McClendon
HD 122- Larry Stallings
HD 123- Mike Villarreal
HD 124- Jose Menendez
HD 125- Joaquin Castro
SD 19- Frank Madla
Carlos Uresti
SD 25- Kathi Thomas

Your Republican Candidates are:
HD 117- Ted Kenyon
HD 118- George Antuna
Steve Salyer
John Lujan
HD 121- Joe Straus
HD 122- Frank Corte Jr.
HD 125- Nelson Balido
SD 19- Dick Bowen
Darrel Brown
SD 25- Jeff Wentworth

Not to mention there is a contested County Chair race now.

HD 117 is a tight seat and could go either way after Liebowitz barely won it in the first place, but Liebowitz has been a good rep and I am hopeful he can hold the seat. He will need some help though.

HD 118 is still anyone’s game. You could give the advantage to Larry Ricketts at this point for name recognition, but his recognition comes from two losses. Other than that the seat is wide open for either side to pick up here.

I am just going to look forward to watching HD 122. Larry Stallings had a primary scare, but that didn’t come to fruition. Now he can run against Frank Corte’s horrid voting record and bad policy initiatives.

SD 19 has the best chance of getting brutal and ugly. It will play in to CD 28 and the three way slugfest that has been going on down there for two years. Uresti has to be the favorite here. Madla is a D with out legs (except to walk away from a vote). Uresti has been a good rep and it is time for him to move up… I was really watching this one to see if Pete Gallegos was going to get in. He didn’t… so I am heavily favoring Uresti here.

With all that being said… let the new year start and the next election cycle begin!


At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Trei Brundrett said...

We do have one Texas Supreme Court candidate in Bill Moody for Place 2 don't we?

Also, we have candidates in half of the 8 State Board of Education districts up for 2006. Remember, the district elections are staggered. So, this year only Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12 and 15 are on the ballot. Although we're not contesting every district, our incumbent Ds are protecting the 3 we currently hold (1, 3 and 4) and we're contesting District 9. And considering that the incumbent R in District 9 is Don McLeroy, who has been accused by the Texas Citizens for Science of "attempting to accomplish the goals of the Discovery Institute to censor the biology textbooks", that's a damn good thing.


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