Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Possible Candidacy

Right now I am in Lubbock working. I have made a promise to my current employers that I do not blog about my job, so I cannot tell you exactly what I am doing.

For the first time I checked my blog to see how the traffic was and see if there were any comments of interest, and to my amazement my site traffic has nearly doubled the past two days. What could have I said or done to cause this?

It seems that Karl Thomas over at BOR outed me, and that the glory of anonymity has been lost. I completely understand why the Jeffersonian has clung to his alter ego so tightly. I cannot and will not deny that I am indeed Matt Glazer. I can tell everyone that I have, until recently, been a freelance campaign operative. I have worked chiefly on environmental issue advocacy and for candidates that share my sense of social liberalism, and who balance their progressive leaning with a fiscally conservative mindset. In other words, I work for the people I will vote for.

Karl Thomas talks about my possible candidacy for HD 122. Let me tell you that I am not yet committed to run, but over the past half decade Frank Corte has become my nemesis, even though he does not yet know I exist. I would like to change that by either aiding in another person's run for office or challenging him directly myself.

I still hold to the opinion that there are qualified people in the district that should run, but in the absence of a challenger someone needs to run.

I appreciate the support at Off The Kuff, and The Jeffersonian. These are two men that I have a great deal of respect for. Their ability to analyze and understand the details is a talent I will need to beat Frank Corte.

I agree that this is a tough fight, but I have always been told that everything worth doing is hard. I expect I will need a massive amount of money and a talented pool of activists and staff to make this work. I need to hear everyone’s opinion and continue to look forward to your thoughts. My e-mail for the time being is, and I look forward to reading your opinions about this run (both the supportive and informational ones).

At the end of the day, regardless of what people say of the make up of the district, I know that a Democrat can win in HD 122. All it will take is shoe leather, a clear message of change and hope, and a wide net of support from now until November 2006. I will have an answer as to whether I am running in October or November.


At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Leslie said...

You know I would vote for you if I were still in Texas... Matt in '06!

At 10:10 PM, Anonymous elena said...

very interesting!

(Shafer, you'd vote for a...DEMOCRAT!?!?!:p)

At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Ben Carson said...

Less talk,
More blockwalk.


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