Monday, April 10, 2006

Senfronia Thompson Wants to be Speaker

Breaking News from Quorum Report:

This afternoon, Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) announced her candidacy for Speaker of the Texas House. She has filed her papers with the Texas Ethics Commission and expects to begin collecting pledge cards soon.

From her statement titled "A Woman Seeks More House Work":, "Representative Thompson stated that her decision to run for Speaker is based on her personal experience during the past three and half years. Bi-partisanship has disappeared and the result has been harmful not only to our schoolchildren and taxpayers, but to the House as a whole. Republicans and Democrats in the House have been punished for voting their districts and their consciences. Some Republican colleagues have been defeated by the Speaker and his supporters for voting against a voucher system that would do injury to their own school districts, Thompson pointed out."

"I can no longer stand by quietly and watch such damage be done to this Institution without complaining loudly and vigorously," Ms. Thompson reiterated. " I urge my fellow members, Democrat and Republican, to join me to restore dignity, fairness, balance and progress to the House of Representatives. The legislators who preceded us and those who will follow us deserve to know that in 2007, the House will declare a clear, loud "NO" to partisanship and Big Lobby power and said yes to the voters and children of Texas."


At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Kathi Thomas for SD 25, state Senate said...

I think this is great- Rep. Thompson is a woman of great passion and honor. She spoke most eloquently against HJR6, a speech that was sent round the 'net time and again. It would be nice to have an actual statesperson instead of "my way or the highway" Craddick.
The arrogance of Craddick in redoing the Speaker's apartment for the 2nd time, at tax payer and donor's expense is just amazing. Schools can fall into dust, but he's got to have his extremely expensive New Zealand wool carpet!

At 8:57 AM, Anonymous Christopher Walker said...

Go, Senfronia!!!!!

It would be a healing move for Texas to advance her to more prominence,
in a world where Texas politicians as a class have taken many a beating
in public opinion over the last ten years.


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