Friday, April 07, 2006

National News Round Up

After less than a day, the Senate’s bi-partisan compromise on immigration has fallen apart and there are now talks of tabling Immigration Reform in the Seante. Keep in mind this is a Bush priority and a key point of his State of the Union.

Might be why Bush and the Republican Congress are seeing the lowest approval ratings yet. Democrats are also getting a near majority of people surveyed saying they want a Democratic Congress. The best quote in the article has got to be:

"I'd just as soon they shut (Congress) down for a few years," said Robert Hirsch, 72, a Republican-leaning voter in Chicago. "All they do is keep passing laws and figuring out ways to spend our money."

Interesting, and not a bad idea Mr Hirsch.

The most surprising news today is that neither the White House nor President Bush is denying that Bush played some role in the release of Valerie Plame’s identity to Robert Novak, Judith Miller, or anyone else.

At this point there defense is, “
There's nothing in that, that was declassified that could compromise our nation's security," McClellan said. "It was a historical context about some of the intelligence that was used in making the decision to go to war in Iraq."

Funny how they won't name the document or the people involved. I guess the point they are fogetting is that there was a name in that same report that was semi-historical and very classified. Instead of admitting that, the administration is just going to defend itself the same way it always does, for those that disagree, you are playing a game of “crass politics".


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