Monday, April 03, 2006

DeLay To Resign

Nobody has any real information except that DeLay will be stepping down and away from certain defeat in the TX-22.

CNN has the official story, Swing State has preliminary analysis, and the Texas Blog-o-sphere is going crazy. The real question is, can the Republican Party of Texas put one of their cronies in his place or is his seat vacant now? Burnt Orange has the first round speculation on that question, but answers are few and far between.

More answers to come as we get them, and all tips are welcomed.

A commenter at BOR has this useful information:
Chapter 145, Election Code, the Republicans can not replace him on the ballot if he were declared ineligible by the State party Chair, and that can only be done if he is declared unable to serve by a physician or if he becomes ineligible to hold the seat, which could occur if:
a. He could convince the Chair (and a Court) that he has moved his permanent residence out of the state, or
b. If he were finally convicted of a felony - two things that would disqualify him as a Texas Member.


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