Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Senate Bribe in Full Effect

The senate is going to do something the House refused to do... talk about education. The Senate is going to add a teacher pay raise and other education measures, but the problem is the House dedicated ALL future revenue to buying down property taxes.

No matter what the Senate does, its a one time thing. Starting in January, Texas will be running a multi-billion dollar deficit with no way to fix the problem (unless they raise taxes on the middle class and poor again).

What the Senate is doing is a bribe. It is a one time thing. It can't last past January nor can it be maintained. And most importantly, it makes it were legislators either vote for the largest tax increase in history or against teachers. It's lose, lose.


At 12:45 PM, Anonymous ktm said...

Maybe we should support it so they have to finally vote for a tax increase later on for education. Or get us that much closer to realizing we need an income tax.


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