Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday News Roundup

Seems like a few Texans have been paying close attention to what has been going on in Austin, so, it felt like a good time for a national news round up.

It seems like the odd couple has gotten together as Bush and Senate Democrats are pushing for an immigration bill that gives workers the ability to eventually become citizens. Good thing because a mass deportation will not work and most support a long term legalization policy.

CNN.com is reporting that former White House speech writer and Fox News anchor Tony Snow will take over as Press Secretary. Maybe Snow can help with Bush’s horrid approval rating?

Snow is getting some good ammo to start as Bush has announced he will be diverting oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to consumers. Bush is also listening to Democrats and ordering a gas price probe to see about likely price gauging by big oil companies.

Most importantly, the Spurs are up 1-0 over the Kings and game two is tonight. Ron Artest of the Kings will not be playing tonight because of a one game suspension for hitting Manu Ginnobli in game 1.


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