Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Barbara Radnofsky is REALLY Running!

Barbara Radnofsky made her official public announcement yesterday to become a candidate for the United States Senate! As such, bloggers across the state are encouraging you to donate to her campaign through TexasTuesday's ActBlue page (or directly through the campaign site here)
Barbara Radnofsky for Senate $
While many bigger "name" candidates backed out from challenging longtime incumbent, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Barbara Radnofsky never blinked from the challenge. Good reason as Hutchison only polls at 52% despite being in office since 1993. Barbara has already effectively challenged Hutchison on her veterans record, her commitment to spending funds in Alaska over Texas, a host of other issues important to Texas. We hope you'll take a look at some of the recent (and even some of the old) coverage of Radnofsky's announcement, as well as some of the work she's done to lay the groundwork for this campaign. Radnofsky has made effective use of grassroots campaign techniques and her campaign should go a long way towards training and empowering many new Democratic activists for years to come.


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