Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fight for David Harris

David Harris is an Army veteran who served 12 years of active duty for his nation. His latest battle is taking on Joe Barton in Texas' 6th Congressional District.

Joe Barton is the Texas Congressman who voted against Emergency Relief for Hurricane Katrina and whose staff was outted for their partisan motives in the (eventually) illegal re-redistricting of 2003 and who's been designated as "Smokey Joe" due to his anti-environmental record.

If you want to learn more about David Harris, however, today is a rather fortuitous day. For starters, check his campaign blog and the District Six campaign blog. Tonight, you can also check out David on Air America's Majority Report at 8:34 Texas time, as he'll be the featured guest with hosts Sam Seder and Markos Moulitsas of DailyKos.com. (online streaming audio also available)

2006 presents Texas Democrats with an opportunity for gains across the board. But without candidates, that opportunity goes wanting. David joins a growing number of military veterans coming home to run for Democratic nominations in tough races here at home. A small donation would go a long way to helping this "Fighting Dem" launch his campaign in North Texas. If you're a fellow blogger, by all means give David Harris a plug on your site. If you're not, then you've still got the power of email to help send this message to a few of your closest friends. Many of Texas finest bloggers have taken an active interest in David's campaign this season and we hope that with some help from around the state, that a Democratic tide can lift as many boats as possible ... even boats with Army men.
David Harris
for Congress

John Edwards at Trinity University Tonight

John Edwards is speaking TONIGHT at Trinity University. The lecture is scheduled to start at 7:30 pm in Laurie Auditorium but seating is limited. As a former student there, I recommend getting there at least half an hour early.

The speech, as I understand it, is titled, “America: The Land of Opportunity”. I suspect this is stump speech of 2008.

John Courage, running against Republican Incumbent Lamar Smith, will be on hand before the lecture starts. Also on hand will be newly announced State House candidate Larry Stallings.

Take this chance to meet your current candidates and hear a possible future candidate.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Stallings Campaign In Full Swing

Larry Stallings is on the move in House District 122. This is a huge mountain to climb, but it seems like Stallings is up for the challenge.

Stallings’ has named Terry Mayclin, a longtime friend and colleague as his new campaign finance manager. Mayclin, a mental health professional who lives and works in Bexar County, is a highly decorated retired military officer with a masters degree in public administration and an extensive amount of experience in finance. The most interesting thing is that Mayclin is a long-time Republican and an avid supporter of Stallings’ bid for the Texas Legislature.

For the time being, Stallings has also recruited his family to run and work his campaign.

His team includes his wife Diane as his Campaign Manager, son William as his Volunteer Coordinator, daughter Faith as his Communications Director, and son-in-law Noland as Block Walk Captain.

While I am not usually a fan of friends or family being the ones working, running, and maintaining a campaign, Stallings race is a bit different. With every move you can see how this campaign has to be a scrappy grassroots campaign against a longtime incumbent.

UPDATE: 11:41 AM
The Stallings camp has also set up their own blog on blogspot. Check it out here.

Multimedia Monday!

I was sick last Monday, so you are getting two weeks in one! Don't y'all feel so luck?

Movie(s) of the Week(s):
Good Night and Good Luck
Walk The Line (A Must See!)

Book of the Moment:
Life of Pi

Album of the Hour:
Spoon - Gimme Fiction
Jimmy Eat World - Jimmy Eat World (aka Bleed America)
Beck- Guero and Midnight Vultures

What about you?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Turkey Day

I was debating on whether to post some history of Thanksgiving or a series of random facts. You all lucked out, I will be saving that post for another year.

I am back in Dallas celebrating with my family and seeing some friends. Tomorrow I will likely eat to much turkey, sleep through the second half of the Lions and Falcons game, wake up (eat more turkey) and root for the Cowboys to dominate the Broncos.

Sounds like fun, right?

Whatever you are doing for Thanksgiving be safe and have fun. And, if you are going to see a movie, get your tickets online and about half time during the Cowboys game (just a little hint from JAB).

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Agonist on Air

A fellow San Antonio based blogger will be on KTSA tomorrow night, and I wanted to do a little shameless plug for Sean-Paul Kelley over at The Agonist.

The show starts at 7 and here is the schedule:

7-730 Intro segment, introduce the night's guests, main topic etc . . .
730-800 Comedienne Margaret Cho.
800-830 Congressman Chris Bell (and candidate for Texas governor) to talk about Senator John Cornyn's links with Abramoff and Scanlon.
830-915 Don Henry Ford Jr. Author of Contrabando, Confessions of a Drug Smuggling Texas Cowboy.
915-1000 Elaine Wolff, Culture Editor of the San Antonio Current, to talk about the media, Judy Miller, Bob Woodward and the role alt weekley's can play in politics.
You can listen to the live stream at www.ktsa.com. And of course, you can call us using these numbers: local, 599-5555, toll-free: (800) 299-KTSA.

Enjoy the show!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Larry Stallings Background

I had the distinct fortune of talking with Larry Stallings last night before SAAPAC’s screening of Wal-Mart the movie.

Stallings has already started meeting with local groups, statewide groups, and begun the process of filing and creating the infrastructure that is needed for every campaign. For a first time candidate he has a sharp mind and his wife Diane is equally focused and intelligent.

After our conversation the Stallings sent me this background on Larry.

Larry is a 58 year old father and grandfather. He was born and raised in Amarillo and graduated from Tascosa High School in 1966. Larry joined the Marine Corps immediately after graduation and served a total of 30 years in various military components, 20 of them as an Army Medical Service Corps officer. Stallings completed a Bachelor of Arts (Summa Cum Laude) degree, and a Master of Public Administration (Summa Cum Laude) degree while on military duty.

He was awarded more than two dozen medals and citations, served on two combat deployments and was awarded a Bronze Star and Legion of Merit.

He is a credentialed community college instructor in Virginia and California, teaching business and management classes. Stallings has worked as a mental health case worker (QMHP) for two years and continues to be an advocate for mental health issues.

Larry is currently employed by the premier trauma center in the region, University Hospital in San Antonio, as the Director of Central Supply.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Constitutional Amendment Surprises

Since the election ended, I have been focusing most of my time breaking down legislative seats. Something I have noticed is that some districts had a huge disparity between the state and their constituents.

Before I go on, I should say that I work at Equality Texas and the organization given this information out for others to look at and use.

We have come to a simply conclusion. It is time to hold the legislature accountable!

As we move into the 2006 election cycle, we have the chance to make lasting change in Austin in both the Texas House and Senate. Equality Texas and the diverse coalition of pro-equality Texans who worked to oppose Constitutional Amendment #2 understand the power of a single vote.

If one person in either the House or the Senate had voted against HJR 6, the statute would never have been on the November 8th ballot.

Some of the legislators who voted to put Amendment #2 on the ballot clearly do not represent the wishes of their constituents.

In districts across the state, elected officials did not represent the will of their constituents who support equality, fairness, and justice. As we look at the outcome of the November 8th election, a majority of Texans voted against amendment #2 and against inequality in districts represented by Terry Keel, Todd Baxter, Martha Wong, Dan Branch, and others.

.It is time for elected officials to support equality, justice and fairness for all Texans or to step aside in 2006.

Here are the interesting numbers so far:


% For


% Against

Total Votes

HD 134- Wong ( R)






HD 102- Goolsby (R )






HD 107- Keffer (R )






HD 108- Branch (R )






HD 114- Hartnett ( R)






HD 47- Keel ( R)






HD 48- Baxter ( R)






HD 121- Straus (R )






With the Primary season about to start this could be an indication how just how vulnerable some of these seats may be. Just a few seats will make a huge difference and seven seats already look more vulnerable than they once did.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Run Dem, Run

The debate has started again about who to run and where. KT has this to say, and I can't do much more than say I agree.

Scott Henson over Grits for Breakfast sent me this, this, and this last night about Frank Corte.

This is the same guy that people are advocating not to challenge because his seat is viewed as unwinable. People would rather give Corte another free ride even though he is bad on women's rights, bad on civil rights, bad on education, bad on health care, and bad for San Antonio.

If you want to give your money to different candidates that is excellent. If you want to knock on doors in a different district or call around for another candidate, then that is your prerogative. Just know that you were given that option because a candidate ran there.

Democrats must run to make a difference, and the underdogs are even given license to be so bold as to talk about the issues. As long as we write off certain areas then we cannot and will not win them. We cannot and will not be able to change minds or educate people about the Democratic Party. So focus your attention on the tight races, but running ever race helps every candidate up and down the ballot.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Educations Broke, Help Fix It

State Representative Leibowitz has announced a community forum for tomorrow. The goal is for local leaders, education professionals, and the general public to hear from John Sharp about the current state of education in Texas.

Sharp is leading the Texas Tax Reform Commission is attempting to find ways to fund the states failing public schools.

In a press release, Leibowitz has said, “Stabilizing our state tax system to provide more equitable public school funding and relieve local property taxes is a top priority.”

The meeting will be held at:
4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sam Rayburn Middle School
San Antonio
1400 Cedarhurst

Barbara Radnofsky is REALLY Running!

Barbara Radnofsky made her official public announcement yesterday to become a candidate for the United States Senate! As such, bloggers across the state are encouraging you to donate to her campaign through TexasTuesday's ActBlue page (or directly through the campaign site here)
Barbara Radnofsky for Senate $
While many bigger "name" candidates backed out from challenging longtime incumbent, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Barbara Radnofsky never blinked from the challenge. Good reason as Hutchison only polls at 52% despite being in office since 1993. Barbara has already effectively challenged Hutchison on her veterans record, her commitment to spending funds in Alaska over Texas, a host of other issues important to Texas. We hope you'll take a look at some of the recent (and even some of the old) coverage of Radnofsky's announcement, as well as some of the work she's done to lay the groundwork for this campaign. Radnofsky has made effective use of grassroots campaign techniques and her campaign should go a long way towards training and empowering many new Democratic activists for years to come.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stalling Vs Corte in HD 122

Larry Stallings announced tonight that he will be challenging Frank Corte in House District 122. The announcement came before Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee outlined their 50 state strategy at house parties across the country.

Stallings says he was inspired by Howard Dean and the idea that no race should go unchallenged. Not even an out of touch legislator who stalls and blocks education reform.

Corte has basically gone unchallenged since 1992 and has not faced a Democratic challenger since being first elected. There are countless reasons why this guy should be defeated, and Stallings says he is up for the challenge.

Stallings was in the military for 30 years and is currently a director at University Medical Center in north San Antonio. His background in the health care industry and military alone will make this an interesting race to watch.

Another Democrat for Governor

Apparently Bob Gammage has started putting some feelers out on whether to challenge Chris Bell. KT has a great post that talks about the letter being sent around to key people in the party and Gammage himself.

I tend not to speculate on rumors, but this one has legs.

I think Gammage might have an easier time in San Antonio than current candidate Chris Bell. Gommage's resume shows legal experience, elected experience, and most importantly military experience.

Bell's experience as a journalist and then Congressman is impressive, but it is a harder sell in San Antonio. Gammage's Texas-centric experiences and his military experiences should play into a town that is becoming more focused on the military.

I honestly believe that a competitive democratic primary for Gov would be a good thing. It will cause more interest in the general election and will make both candidates stronger to take on Perry. All we have to do is wait and see.

Monday, November 14, 2005

No Delay

An attorney for Delay has stated that they will request an early December trial date for the former House majority leader, if the case gets that far.

Attorney Dick DeGuerin said in a letter that "time is of the essence" in the case that has temporarily forced DeLay to step down from his top House post.

Third times the charm, Judge Pat Priest has set a Nov. 22 hearing to consider requests to drop the charges against DeLay and his co-defendants.

"Should the indictments survive the hearings of November 22, we will request a trial date in early December," DeGuerin wrote in his letter to Priest.

You have to applaud DeGuerin for trying to have the trial when nobody will be paying attention to it. Maybe it will be a bright orange Christmas?

Texan of the Year


What a long, strange trip it's been. The Texas Bloggers have banded together to ask our readers to nominate a Texan for our very own blogger version of the mainstream media's favorite attention grabber, the "Person of the Year" issue! Join us by nominating a Texan that has made the most impact this year, be it good or bad, evil or embarassing. We're all accepting nominations from you through November 23 and we'll post your Texan of the Year by December 1st. Email your nominations to: Texanoftheyear@gmail.com

Your favorite political blog is participating (Left and Right!). Each blog will write their own post about the person so on December 1st you'll have lots of different opinions but they'll all come from the same source, you..the smartest people in Texas.

Multimedia Monday!

Something new for you all here at Just Another Blog. I am proud to announce the launch of Multimedia Monday’s!

Now that I have some time on my hands again I am watching TV, reading books, and generally consuming my share of media and entertainment. These are the things that I am reading, watching, and singing loudly and off key to.

Movie of the Week:

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DJ Dangerdoom (all you adult swim junkies might like this)

Post your thoughts, suggestions, or general comments on what media you are taking in! Spread the wealth...