Friday, April 29, 2005

YES! YES! Oh baby, YES!

I don't know if it is the heated Mayoral race or the fact that only 3 city council districts have real fights in them, but nobody is really talking about the 3 propositions out there.

Richard Perez has tried to start a dialogue in District 4, but according to SAElections Perez has raise $27,000 more than his challenger. I can't imagine that this conversation with the residents of D4 has really garnered much attention-- nor should it.

Granted, the Express-News has written a group story on all 3 propositions, and there are some groups fighting to make sure there is at least some sort of campaign in favor of Prop 1 and 2 (Aquifer Protection Initiative and GEAA), but in the end, none of the campaigns are really talking about them specifically. Has environmentalism and helping out our seniors really become that taboo?

The only candidate making it a fighting statement is Phil Hardberger, and while this isn't an endorsement in anyway, it does have to be looked at. While Art Hall and Julian Castro helped usher in propositions 1 and 2, where is the leadership, voice, and their city council credibility at?

Let's just agree we will vote yes on all of them. We will all promise to protect the aquifer and make San Antonio a little nicer to live in by building some parks. Why don't we agree that we will make it easier for the seniors and disabled to get by in their daily life? If we aren't going to talk about it in public debates or districts 6 and 7 were there is a cumulative of 16 candidates were are we going to talk about it?

And while I usually hate admitting I am wrong... if I am tell me. I want to hear that Joel Williams is talking about this and that Chip Haass has given 20 minute speeches at Jim's on just one of these important propositions. I want to hear Ray Lopez or Ray Pena down in District 6 talked to their neighbors about why voting yes is the right thing to do. All the candidates in the district have been given a microphone, a stage to talk from, and the credibility of their convictions. I want to hear more debate, not less, and I think the city of San Antonio deserves it.


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